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10 Phenomenal TV Shows To Watch To Learn Portuguese

When you think of the Portuguese language, your mind is immediately filled with the thought of how close this language is to Spanish.

Before I get to the recommendations on the best TV shows to watch to learn Portuguese, I would quickly like to state the bullet points of why you should learn Portuguese.

  • Quickest gateway to other Romance family languages
  • Soccer
  • Rich culture and heritage
  • A rare language to learn in India.

The recommendations that I am going to give will be from Portugal and Brazil. So, 5 tv shows from each country.


Portugal TV Shows to Learn Portuguese from

1. Conta-me como foi

Literally translated to ‘tell me how it was’, ‘Conta-me como foi’ is a drama series revolving around the story of a middle-class family named the Lopes. Coming from an impoverished countryside, how they struggle to build their life in the urban area while witnessing the historic, economical and political changes happening in the nation from 1960s to the 1980s.

TV shows to learn Portuguese

2. Os nossos dias

‘Os nossos dias’ is a soap opera in Portugal which features very cliché drama. But it also happens to highlight some important social issues such as domestic violence, HIV and homophobia which makes this show progressive. A light-hearted drama to polish your Portuguese language skills.

3. Nazaré

Nazaré is a young, driven woman who happens to live in a fisherman’s village and is the witness of the many crimes been ordered to conduct by the show’s main antagonist Felix Blanco. Been caught in the crossfire, Nazaré is given a choice by Felix. At what length is she willing to go for her mother’s expensive surgical treatment?

TV shows to learn Portuguese

4. O Sábio

Pedro suddenly reappeared in his native city after being vanished for 20 years. Seems like he did it for his family and his little daughter. Also, he has a gift. He can foresee the future. But is it really a gift? Or a curse?

5. A Voz de Portugal

Literally translating the title, this reality show is the local version of the popular singing reality show, The Voice. Here since it’s a local version, not only will you be able to learn Portuguese, but also listen to the Portuguese songs sung by the contestants.

Brazilian TV Shows to Learn Portuguese from

1. Bom dia, Verônica

Verônica is a clerk with the São Paulo police who are busy tracking down a serial killer who happens to kill only women. Verônica begins her own investigation about a dating-site predator which opens up a lot of questions. But where are the answers?

2. Samantha!

Being a child star is not at all a piece of cake. That too in an era like the 1980s. Samantha! revolves around such a child star who is so talented that the who’s who of the industry envy her. But with fame, come to a whole lot of other problems. This series is perfect to pick up some local Brazilian Portuguese slang.

TV shows to learn Portuguese

3. Coisa Mais Linda

This period drama is set in the 1950s when Malu arrives in a big city to fulfill her dream in the field of music. But as soon as she arrives, her husband betrays her by robbing her on a land unknown. She picks herself up and begins from scratch after losing everything, she finally sets on the right track to fulfil her dream.

4. Irmandade

Literally meaning brotherhood, this is exactly what puts Cristina into a spot. An honest and hard-working lawyer Cristina, is forced by the police to turn on her imprisoned brother who happens to run a criminal faction named Irmandade. What will Cristina do now that she is in touch with her darkest side? What are her exact thoughts about justice?

5. Magnifica 70

This series revolves around the love story of an erotica censor and a film star. But there’s a catch. Apparently, it reminds him of a past love that he made, with his wife’s sister. Sounds twisted right? You will learn Portuguese with this series and also will be able to grasp some intriguing content. Win-win.

Wanted to know more about what you can do to master Portuguese from scratch? Check out this article here!

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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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