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Top 10 benefits you didn’t know about learning a foreign language


You’ve probably heard all of the reasons why some people don’t learn languages, many of which are based on long-held myths and misconceptions about learning a foreign language. The truth is that in today’s rapidly changing interrelated world, proficiency in other languages is a critical skill that allows you to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way, whether in your neighbourhood or thousands of miles away, while also better preparing you to compete and succeed in the global economic system. Hence, there are numerous benefits of learning a foreign language.

Here are top 10 benefits of learning a foreign language


A second language is an entirely new and complex set of rules, frameworks, and lexis. Learning a foreign language requires your brain to deal with complexity as it attempts to make sense of and absorb new patterns. As our brains attempt to communicate by deciphering meaning, we create effective learning skills such as cognitive thinking and problem-solving. Critical thinking skills that are well developed are extremely beneficial both personally and professionally. Out of many benefits of learning a new language, increasing the power and capabilities of your brain is the number one.

2. Enriches memory

A simple fact is that the more one uses the brain, the improved its functions work. A new language necessitates not only knowledge of vocabulary and rules, but also the ability to recall and put it into practice. Learning a language is like working out in the brain gym for your memory. This means that multilingual people have more exercised brains that are quicker to recall names, directions, facts, and figures.

3. Improves multitasking ability

Multitasking can be highly stressful those that are not used to it or who do not perform well at it. According to a Pennsylvania State University study, people who are multilingual and skilled at switching from one language system to the other are well-versed in this difficult work for the brain. People who have mastered the ability to think in multiple languages and switch between them become much better multi-taskers, lowering stress levels.

4. Make a connection!

Our ability to connect with others is one of the most satisfying aspects of the human experience. It is a tremendous gift to be able to interact with someone else in his or her native language. Bilinguals have the distinct advantage of being able to communicate with a broader range of people in both their professional and personal life. Multilingualism makes you a local no matter where you go, literally and metaphorically opening up your world. Communities will have an impact on you. The generosity of strangers will humble you. You will make friends for life. And for these purposes alone, you will reap the benefits of learning a foreign language for many years to come.

benefits of foreign language

5. Improves decision-making

A study conducted by the University of Chicago found that multilingual people have an easier time making decisions. Aside from the rules and vocabulary associated with learning a second language, there are ambiguities and regional expressions that a language student frequently evaluates for suitability and hidden meanings. As a result of practise, bilinguals are more confident in their decision-making abilities!

6. Career growth

Language skills can provide a competitive edge that distinguishes you from your monolingual counterparts. They were amongst the top eight skills needed of all occupations, regardless of sector or skill level, and the popularity of bilingual professionals is increasing at an alarming rate. Employers are looking for professionals who could communicate closely with clients in rapidly expanding international markets, as well as start serving and selling to a huge foreign-born population in the United States.

7. Travel the world

There is no doubt about the fact that traveling as a native speaker of the local language can result in a life-changing trip abroad. While monolingual travellers can visit the same places, multilingual travellers are more conveniently able to navigate outside the tourist bubble and interact and interact with the place and its people in ways that are often impossible for those who do not speak the language. Learning a second language also increases your chances of studying or working abroad.

8. Improvement of your first language

Learning a new language increases awareness of the intricacies of your native tongue. Vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, comprehension, idioms, and sentence structure become commonplace phrases, whereas your native language is likely to be absorbed more intuitively. Learning a new language also improves your listening skills because you are used to interpreting meaning and judging nuances.

9. Improves confidence

Each and every language learner can testify to making mistakes while learning a new language, even sometimes in front of an audience. It is a crucial and much required part of the process! Learning a language requires you to put yourself out there and step outside of your comfort zone. The benefit is the incredible sense of accomplishment you will feel when having a conversation with someone in their native language.

10. Better career choices

A recent study has found that multilingual employees add value to the workforce, according to 88% of respondents, and looking to recruit team members with language skills is critical to the organization. Today’s world demands being multilingual and has unquestionable advantages too.

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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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