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12 Catchy Songs that Help You Learn Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary

Language lessons may be found in many songs’ lyrics that aren’t immediately obvious. Even whether the songs are pop, rap, alternative, or even Disney tunes, they’re a terrific approach to help you recall even the most difficult grammatical principles.

Using earworms that will never leave your brain (not that you’d want them to), Spanish learning songs teach you grammatical principles and vocabulary in the simplest manner imaginable.

What are the benefits of listening to Spanish learning songs?

Spanish learning songs are particularly created for those who are learning the language. In other words, they’re made to address the issues that concern you, the needs that you have, and the difficulties that you are experiencing (as long as those issues, conditions, and difficulties are related to learning Spanish and not trying to fit an entire pizza into your mouth at once—no one can assist you with that, unfortunately).

Spanish learning songs are very catchy, making it simple to retain grammar and vocabulary while learning the language. Even the most intricate laws and phrases are easier to remember when set to catchy music.

Memorizing things might be tiresome, but listening to music is not one of those things. You will be able to study without feeling the numbing sensation of boredom and the strange impulse to cram a whole pizza into your mouth.

How to Make Use of Spanish Language Learning Songs

Look for songs that teach the grammar and vocabulary you are having the greatest difficulty with. Because of this personalized method of learning, you will be more likely to find the unforgettable song that will assist you in finally mastering that difficult grammatical or vocabulary concept.

Repetition will help you remember the tunes. Listening to these songs on repeat will ensure that you will never forget them, which brings us to our next point…

When you need to recall a grammatical rule or a piece of vocabulary, play the song over and over in your thoughts. It’s just that simple! Occasionally, no matter how often you study a term or rule, you will find yourself unable to recall it. One advantage of knowing a song is that it’s simple to play it over and over in your brain until you locate the information you’re looking for.

“Los meses del ano” by mindymarissa is a song for beginning Spanish speakers

It is meant for youngsters, but “Los meses del ano” (“The Months of the Year”) is also a wonderful song for adults.

The music will teach you the names of the months of the year, and the movie will display animations to show you what each month looks like. The lyrics are also shown on the screen, allowing you to make the connection between the written and spoken words.

Additionally, the calming music may assist you in achieving a zen-like condition, which is great for learning!

The second song is “Colores, colores!” by Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

“Colores, colores!” (“Colors, colours!”) is a charming song that will help you learn not only the colours but also various vocations, how to use the phrase “me gusta” (I enjoy), and the fundamentals of question form.

Each stanza includes animation to assist you in understanding any language that you may be unfamiliar with. The terms are also shown on the screen to aid you on your journey.

This song may seem to be intended for children, but don’t be fooled by that. Anyone will be captivated by its cheerful and entertaining tune.

“La Granja,” which is number 3, by Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

Another children’s song is “La Granja,” which translates as “The Farm.” The movie includes animations of animals that match the song’s lyrics, as well as the names and noises that each animal makes. Additionally, all of the lyrics are shown on the screen for simple comprehension.

As an added bonus, even if you know a fair lot of Spanish, there’s a high chance you haven’t learned how to make animal sounds yet. Yes, animal sounds change from language to language, and they’re simple vocabulary terms to ignore while learning a language. For example, did you know that in Spanish, the dog shouts “Quiquiriqu!” instead of “Cock-a-doodle-do!” when he barks? This is something you should get familiar with as soon as possible. You don’t want many children to turn up at your door, do you?

The song “Spanish Verb Conjugation Song with Basho & Friends” performed by Basho & Friends is number 4

It is possible that the song “Spanish Verb Conjugation Song with Basho & Friends” is intended to be heard as rap.

These typical present tense verb conjugations may seem monotonous, but you’ll never forget them once you learn them. Additionally, all of the lyrics are shown on the screen so that you can see the conjugations as they are being said.

The fifth video is “Learn Spanish Questions – Interrogative Pronouns with Basho & Friends,” which was created by Basho and his friends

With their third single, Basho and Friends are back on the scene with a more jazzy-sounding track.

The lyrics are shown on the screen, coupled with animation to help explain their meaning.

Sixth is Rockalingua’s “Buenos Dias! Greetings and Daily Routines” (Good Day! Greetings and Daily Routines)

“Buenos das! Greetings and Daily Routines” (English: “Good morning! Greetings and Daily Routines”) is a rock song written by the band, Xavier Dolan. It is available as an audio file, complete with the lyrics and cartoon drawings depicting the meanings of the songs.

The song is mostly concerned with basic greetings and everyday routines. This is an excellent method of memorizing these often used and really valuable phrases.

WORDPIE’s “Learn Spanish Vocabulary with Songs” is a resource for learning Spanish vocabulary.

‘Learn Spanish Vocabulary with Songs’ is a useful movie that will aid you in expanding your vocabulary in Spanish.

WORDPIE has a large collection of vocabulary videos. A great deal. This is number 22 in the series, and there are yet more to come.

Number 22 is, on the other hand, quite helpful. It largely focuses on the usage of adjectives. This will aid you in expanding your vocab by including more particular adjectives, which is essential if you want to become proficient in the language.

The song has very Latin hip-hop feel to it. The lyrics arrive on the screen very rapidly, yet they are all visible on the screen. Due to the rapidity of the recording, you will most likely need to listen to it more than once to get everything. It’s all fine, however, since the music will keep you entertained!

SlusionProductions’ “Spanish Por vs. Para Rap” is the eighth track on the list

Yes, the film was created by students as a project for Spanish class, but it doesn’t make it any less useful in its intended purpose.

The majority of this rap is in English, with a few Spanish instances sprinkled throughout. It might be difficult to figure out when to use por and when to use para (for), but this rap can assist you in understanding the difference.

The majority of the video is subtitled to make it easier to follow along. In addition, this is an excellent alternative for those who want a little levity thrown into their Spanish lessons.

SlusionProductions’ “Spanish Preterite vs. Imperfect Rap” is the ninth track on the list

SlusionProductions has released their last Spanish grammar rap, which you can listen to below.

Once again, the rap is in English, with some Spanish instances thrown in for good measure. Despite the fact that the lyrics are moving quickly, the video is subtitled so that you can follow along.

“Spanish Preterite vs. Imperfect Rap” can assist you with determining when to use the preterite and when to use the imperfect in your Spanish sentences. It will also instruct you on the fundamentals of conjugation.

Because SlusionProductions inserts comedy into the film again, this is perhaps the most entertaining conjugation video you’ll ever see.

Common Ground International’s “Irregular Spanish Verb Songs: Participles for Perfect Tenses” is number ten on the list

With the popular music of “Alouette” playing in the background, this tranquil and calming song will assist you in remembering the irregular participles for perfect tenses.

That’s a lot to learn.

If you aren’t familiar with tense names, perfect tenses are the verb forms that we use when talking about something (to have). These are the irregular participles, which are conjugations that don’t fully adhere to the usual norms of English grammar.

Despite the scary name, the song is simple and quick, and the lyrics are shown on screen, making this a low-stress learning alternative despite the intimidating title.

Seor Jordan’s “Spanish Lesson – Preterite – Irregulars – Song!” is number eleven on the list

A short song to the tune of “La Cucaracha” (“The Cockroach”) that will assist you in learning the irregulars (words that do not follow traditional conjugation patterns) in the preterite is presented in this lesson.

Because you must learn these irregulars and cannot depend on common patterns to recall them, this song is a useful tool for remembering which verbs behave a bit differently in the preterite.

Common Ground International’s “Irregular Spanish Verb Songs: Conditional Tense” is number twelve on the list

Using this song set to the tune of “The Mexican Hat Dance,” you may recall which verbs have unusual conjugations in the conditional tense quickly and simply.

The words display on the screen to assist you in your study. Luckily, you’ll have this lodged in your brain and won’t have any issue conjugating these tricksters when the occasion calls for it.

Learning Spanish will be a breeze with the help of these fantastic tunes!

As soon as you feel comfortable with these songs, feel free to experiment with others, even those that aren’t always geared for students learning new material. However, keep in mind that learning from songs intended to be listened to by native speakers might be quite difficult.

If you want assistance in learning from such music, you may begin by registering with Language Fluent. We provide a carefully crafted curriculum and live training by language trainers and worksheets and videos, which are all original content.

A huge universe of music may be used as study material for Spanish language learning. So let your ears ring and your voice scream for attention!

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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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