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15 TV shows you must watch to learn Spanish

15 TV shows to watch to learn Spanish

Spanish is such a rich language. It also has a rich culture and heritage.

Before I cut to the chase and get to the most exciting part of this article, let me quickly recap the 10 reasons to learn Spanish in bullet points.

  • Widespread language
  • Makes it easier to learn other languages
  • Travel
  • Entertainment (yes, I’m getting to it.)
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Job opportunities
  • Second most spoken language in the USA
  • Food
  • The arts

When we watch a particular tv show or a movie, we generally tend to watch it in the language we know. But foreign language films and tv shows can be just as exciting and thrilling. Remember Parasite? Now that was a ride, wasn’t it?

There is an advantage to watching a tv show in the language that you are currently learning. It makes you more attentive and you pay attention to the little grammar that you might know or you may even understand the general context of the scene based just on the words with which you are familiar.

Here are 15 tv shows that are easily available on Netflix and may teach you a thing or two in Spanish.

“La casa de Papel” (the house of paper):

learn Spanish

La casa de papel Aka Money Heist had to be the first, I mean come on. If you have heard of this show, then kudos! But if not, then here is a little gist. Set in Madrid, the Professor appoints people who use the city-names as code-names and set out to carry out heists all over Spain, dealing with hostages and police forces on their trail.

“La casa de las Flores” (the house of flowers):

Dysfunctional family, black comedy-drama, what more need I say? This show tells you the story of an upper-class Mexican family who owns a flower shop and a struggling cabaret both of which are named “La casa de las Flores”.

“La niña” (the girl):

“La niña” is based on a true story that tells us a tale that addresses the issues of minors in armed conflict and reintegration.


learn Spanish

High school drama, murder mystery, suspense, thrilling. This is the basic gist of this show. Perfect to learn Spanish and not very hard to follow.


An aspiring author, in a dead-end marriage, meets a new guy and starts writing an erotic novel. This series is fun, breezy, and easy to follow.


Magda’s husband Alejandro has a lot of enemies. So much so that her children’s lives are in danger. Fugitiva takes us on an elaborate journey that revolves around the limits Magda is willing to cross in order to protect her children.

“La Reina del Flow”:

High school drama, revenge plans, narcotics, double-crossing. This should be enough of a context. La Reina del Flow is a perfect watch for drama centered piece of telenovela to learn Spanish.

“La Cathedral del Mar” (cathedral of the sea):

This series revolves around a humble farmer, his bride, and an uninvited guest at their wedding who wreaks havoc in their lives by beating and raping the bride. Dark as it may seem, this series is a wonderful way of learning Spanish.

“Rompan todo” (break it all: the history of rock in Latin America):

As the name suggests, this series is a musical that focuses on the rock history of Latin America over the decades.

learn Spanish

“Vivir sin permiso” (living without permission):

A drug lord who keeps his Alzheimer’s disease a secret and starts to find his successor is an interesting plot that this series offers. Perfect for learning Spanish.

These are my top ten picks. But since I promised you 15, here are five more.

  1. “El Señor de los Cielos”
  2. “Las chicas del Cable” (the cable girls)
  3. “La esclava Blanca”
  4. “Club de cuervos”
  5. “Narcos”

These tv shows will not only entertain you but they’ll be perfect for you to learn Spanish. What’s a more fun way to learn?

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Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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