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5 Best Language Learning resources of videos on the internet

5 Best Language Learning resources of videos on the internet

The Internet provides several options for anyone with the enthusiasm and determination to language learning. There are a variety of video platforms where anyone may take up a foreign language through simple lessons designed for self-study that make learning a foreign language simple and streamlined.

One of the things that you definitely have to do in order to accelerate the process of language acquisition is to watch a lot of clips, movies, telenovelas, series, newscasts, and other types of media that are presented in the local language. In point of fact, scholars are starting to come around to the idea that movies like these might very well be the educational format of the future.

Here, we’re going to pay respect to the moving picture industry by providing you with recommendations for the top online video resources for language study.

The 3 M’s of learning through videos

Motivating Students using Videos

If there is any question about the motivational influence of movies on people, one need simply see how students react to games given in video format, or so-called video games.

The beneficial influence of games on learning is well-established. But having these games in video format appears to take it to an all new level, as students become hooked to learning and make a mockery of the courses.

Videos have the ability to excite and engage pupils in any activity. We’ve all heard of children who are so captivated by video games that they forget to eat or sleep, right?

Today, movies are utilized in language learning to increase students’ enthusiasm and reduce their nervousness. We will examine some of these sites in further depth in the future, and you should choose the one that seems most intriguing to you.

Lessons learnt through videos are memorable

Videos are becoming increasingly prominent in schooling. It has been discovered that they improve medium and long-term memory.

Videos produce visual stimuli that rouse brain cells and necessitate concentrated attention.

How many instructors or audio courses receive students’ “focused attention”? A video demands your attention. It requires that you listen and reflect. Videos boost learning outcomes as a result of their qualities.

However, hold your horses. There are likely billions of videos now available, yet not all of them are made equal. They have differing educational effects.

It also crucial how the video incorporates the many available technology. For instance, captioned films are substantially more successful than uncaptioned ones in teaching language. We will later learn how websites make their films more engaging than those of their competitors.

Videos gives Meaning to Culture

Culture cannot ever exist apart from the language that gives it expression.

Videos give visual context for the lectures, allowing students to see not only what the teacher or native speakers look like, but also their facial expressions, expressive gestures, and even fashion choices.

All of the small visual signals add together to provide the pupil a comprehensive understanding of the culture. This aspect is not present in non-visual podcasts or audiobooks.

This sort of glimpse into the culture of the language learning is only available through video. Therefore, if you intend to acquire your target language in the near future, you must keep your eyes and mind open to the rich and nuanced lessons of one simple, unassuming film.

Top 5 websites for language learning through videos

Open Culture

Open Culture is indeed the motherload of everything available for free on the internet, i.e. everything a modern thinker and lifelong learner could ever require. Open Culture offers a wide range of resources, including free books, CDs, and films, as well as online courses and language learning videos. In addition to being free, it is also of good quality. Open Culture only selects the greatest content.

The website provides a comprehensive list of 48 language-learning materials, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. In addition to audio courses, you may also find video lessons that can help you learn a language for life.

Seriously, you could spend the rest of your life understanding everything Open Culture has to offer.

Language Fluent

Language Fluent was designed to teach you a new language through authentic videos. The language learning program has thousands of videos across 17+ languages that introduce you to the natural usage of your target language. Language Fluent has a YouTube channel that has playlists of various teaching modules.


Omniglot proclaims itself the “online encyclopaedia of writing systems and languages” and focuses mostly on language profiles and their written forms.

It contains a video component dedicated to teaching novices the languages. If you wish to speak (and write) languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Thai, and Esperanto, visit Omniglot for a quick course. The sessions are brief and entertaining, making them excellent for those who wish to develop a feel for the language.

The website also provides connections to additional helpful language learning videos from Easy Languages (learning languages from the streets of the globe), Wikitongues (people from across the world speaking their original language), and films from international polyglot conferences.

BBC Languages

BBC is not only a news organisation. It is a leader in education, and its language-learning website, BBC Languages, offers instruction in forty different languages. It’s one of those locations where one can discover incredibly interactive content. The films feature common social scenarios and are perfect for beginners.

“My Wild Life” is a noteworthy example of a Spanish-language video game. It is a first-person, interactive video lecture that won the 2009 BAFTA for Interactive Innovation.

In addition to award-winning video platforms, this website provides access to a variety of media channels in the native nations of the language being studied. Therefore, a student interested in French receives the French channels so that he or she may watch films for additional practice.

Polyglot Club

The Polyglot Club is a global network of language aficionados for language learning. If you’re interested by the fact that different cultures have distinct names for “apple,” “chair,” and “book,” you’ll find plenty of like-minded individuals on this site.

In Polyglot Club, there are a variety of videos. There are videos of instructors teaching the fundamentals of a certain language. Many episodes of language-learning television programmes are subtitled in both English and the target language. You may also set up video conferences or chats with native speakers so that you can not only practise speaking your target language, but also ask them for travel advice and cultural insights.

The primary benefit of the community/website is its native-speaking members. You can frequently locate them in a condition of preparedness to assist you with your language quest. If the idea of Skyping with a buddy from across the globe appeals to you, consider joining the Polyglot Club.

These are the best language learning resources of videos available. We’ve made your task easier, you just need to follow them now.

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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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