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5 must-watch amazing German shows to improve your German language skills.

5 must-watch amazing German shows to improve your German language skills.

“I believe in a visual language that should be as strong as the written word, if not stronger.”

These great words by David LaChapelle would’ve probably already told you what topic I’m going to enlighten you about today. Why it’s your favorite thing to do ( and ours too! ) – Bingeing TV series! This topic needs no fancy writing, I know I had you at the beginning. But not only are we going to talk about some of the best  German shows out there, but we will also be discussing how you can use them to enhance your German speaking skills.

Wait, are you serious? How is just sitting in front of Netflix watching German shows going to help me learn German fast? What if I were to tell you that for both, language learners and experts, watching movies and TV shows is one of the best ways to learn a language? Not only that, OTT’s like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. nowadays have content from all over the world. And Germany has been throwing out some of the very best German shows in the world that have even landed on the top IMDb shows of all-time list.

Not only this, you can watch any genre that resonates with you be it comedy, crime, or thriller. This directly makes you more interested and learning the language doesn’t feel like a drag. The best part is that this method works just as well for advanced students as it does for beginner learners. So strap in, ladies and gentlemen, for you are about to find out the top 5 German shows I used while learning German me.


What better way to start the list than with Germany’s first-ever mainstream TV show ( and might I say, it’s finest TV show yet! ). Dark is a gritty sci-fi thriller involving space-time continuum, so for all you sci-fi nerds out there who’ve loved shows like Twin peaks, this is your jam. If I were to review Dark in a sentence, I’d say it’s like Stranger things, only better! Rated #15 on the best shows ever list on IMDb, this is the German show you must check out. It has three gritty seasons, which won’t only help you learn German but keep you extremely engrossed in the storyline as well.

German shows

However, this is one show where all the characters speak pure, rural German so it might take a while for you to get accustomed to the accents, thus turning subtitles on for the first five episodes is recommended. All learners who are on an intermediate level can check this show out.

Watch the trailer here!


This is Germany’s longest-running TV show. The feature episodes are being made as early as the 1970s and it is one of the most talked-about German shows. Broadly put, this is the German law and order and is filled with gut-wrenching crime stories that will surely keep you at the edge of your seats. It includes some of the best actors to have ever graced the German television screens. If you’re looking for a career in diplomacy, this show is a must-watch as it lays down the socio-political climate in Germany. However, without subtitles, only advanced-level German learners can watch this show.

3.Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)

It is pretty evident what this German show might be about from the name itself. But it is so much more than just a cliche love story. It tackles important issues like addiction to drugs, homophobia, adultery, etc. People who love shows like Six Feet Under and The Days Of Our Lives will feel right at home with this show. It takes place in the German town of Dusseldorf and has interwoven family storylines that complement each other very well.

This is the most famous German soap opera and has won numerous awards. This is a show which can be watched by people of both the intermediate and the beginners level.

4. Charite

If you’re learning German to take up medicine, then this is the show for you. Also called the Grey’s Anatomy of Germany, this German show portrays the lives of nurses and doctors working in the largest clinic in Eastern Europe. It portrays the life of various personalities in the medical field who went on and became Nobel laureates, researchers, etc. It also talks about the invention of Chemotherapy. The show is as emotional as it is educational and has an amazingly written storyline. Watching this show will not only improve your German but also will teach you about medicines and politics in 19th century Germany.

5. How to sell drugs online – Fast

Don’t be swayed by the name, How to sell drugs online – Fast is the best German show for anyone who is just starting to use shows as a way to learn German. With just 30 minute episodes, the show has funny, emotional, a teenage drama that resonates extremely well with the Millenials and Gen-Z. The dialogue is easy to understand and the script is very modern, due to which the viewers and learners face almost no difficulty while watching the show and trying to learn the language. The premise is really funny, the story even more so! Simply put, this is the German show that I would start with!

I’m sure that you’re more than just excited to start learning German through your favorite visual medium. TV is so much more than entertainment and hey, for the first time ever, you can watch TV for long hours and your parents will be proud of you! That is the dream, isn’t it? A notable practice to keep in mind is to take notes of all the new vocabulary that you come across and also notice how different words are being pronounced. So what are you waiting for, add these shows to your watchlist and let the bingeing begin!

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