6 amazing tips to learn Korean Language Online

Want to learn Korean language online? Here’s what you need to know!

The Korean language ranks 13th in the most spoken languages in the world. Spoken in North Korea, South Korea, China and some areas from Japan, learning Korean online is hard but not impossible and it’s also a very fun language. In this article, we will be giving you 6 amazing tips to learn Korean online which you can put into practice right from today!

Consistent with the foreign blank Institute of American authorities, a native English speaker could need around 2200 hours or 88 weeks of observation to attain fluency in Korean.

Now that may look like lots, but there are approaches to make mastering any language enjoyable. Let’s see what’s the best approach to learn Korean online!

1. Watch Korean Movies

learn Korean online

Learn Korean online

Has it ever occurred to you that you spent some time in a foreign country and got to hear people in their home language? Unusually enough, your brain is so smart that it just incorporates the sound you listen to. It creates expectancies and when these expectations aren’t met, it “recalibrates” to hear the right sounds. The process happens so fast that some of the times you won’t comprehend, but it’s always there.

So why not use the brilliance of your brain for your own benefit? Why not create a medium wherein you could hear Korean each day or on minimum, a weekly basis?

As an instance, you may watch Korean films. Given the fact that South Korea isn’t quick in excellent films, you’ll definitely have a tremendous time getting your brain used to the Korean language. In reality, a number of excellent movies ever made were Korean. ‘Oldboy’, ‘Memories of Murder’, “New World” or “Parasite” are just some that earned a lot of praise.

2. Hangul, the Korean alphabet

Learn Korean online

Following the good judgment of mastering to write down in your local tongue, studying Hangul, the Korean alphabet will provide you with a head start in case you want to learn Korean.

In reality, whenever you want to analyze a language that uses a unique writing mechanism than your native language, you need to sincerely discover its alphabet first. This manner, the study system will make greater sense and will become easier as well.

3. Explore a Korean dictionary

Learning Korean must be taken into consideration as a personal triumph. all through your study, don’t ever neglect that. The whole technique is certainly extra time-consuming than learning a romance language (as an example), however, it’s now not impossible. Depending on your objective to study enough Korean to speak to different human beings during your experience in South Korea or to grasp it to perfection due to the fact that you want to work there, you could adapt the quantity of work you’ll want to do that will reach the corresponding degree of Korean you’ll need.

The lowest line is that you can learn Korean online, at home, without paying someone hundreds of rupees that will help you. A Korean dictionary including “Naver” is the whole lot you want to analyze Korean online without a teacher.

4. Use flashcards for those Korean words/phrases

learn korean online with flashcards

All of us have some cussed phrases that simply didn’t stick. They don’t necessarily want to be in an overseas language. On occasion, we get this sort of “slip of the tongue” even in our local tongues.

Luckily, flashcards can help immensely to deal with this situation. Become aware of those “cussed” Korean phrases, write them on sticky notes so that they’ll stick both literally and figuratively. Place them by the bed, within the toilet, within the kitchen or wherever you spend the maximum time throughout the day. Next thing you understand, the very same phrases that didn’t appear to stick, will now follow you anywhere.

5. YouTube: Free Korean Video Lessons online

YouTube is a fantastic platform to find free Korean language classes and resources. The following YouTube channels give you lots of Korean lessons in an engaging medium. Additionally, videos have the added benefits of letting you see expressions, body language and sentence framing of the Korean language.

  1. KoreanClass101: In addition, this channel has tremendous helpful and free content in Korean.
  2. TalktoMeInKoreanTalk to Me In Korean also has a lot of free content with its channel on youtube
  3. Easy Languages: I love the Easy Languages channel as it offers you plenty of nearby way of life and context. In the smooth Language series, the hosts exit the streets of Korea and interview the human beings they meet there. It’s an excellent manner to listen to the way human beings without a doubt, talk about the language, select useful conversational language, and practice your listening comprehension.
  4. Seemile: you could have noticed one of the viral videos from this channel. It’s the one where an instructor poorly declares the word “Please deliver me a coke” in order to teach college students the way to ask for Coca-Cola in Korean. Apart from this, it gives a brief grammar training which is simply beneficial.
  5. Sweet and Tasty TV: This YouTube channel functions a touch bit of the entirety. From vlogs that show off journeys to the Korean marketplace to short but candy Korean lessons, sweet and tasty tv is the first-rate way to learn about Korean tradition and the Korean language.

6. The best way to learn Korean online

It’s no mystery that falling in love with a lifestyle can give you the energy to move mountains and research its language faster than each person else. Nothing drives you like passion and in case you want to learn Korean, you will need loads of ardour.

Fortuitously, the Korean way of life is one of the most charming cultures inside the international. Specifically, if you never explored Asia earlier, the Korean lifestyle will attract you absolutely.

As a count of fact, the Korean culture is so influential that has won its own name: Hallyu (“The Korean Wave”). Hallyu is in truth a Chinese time period used to refer to the terrific growth of Korean way of life. This includes a whole lot from the song, movies, drama, Korean delicacies to online games.

It’s outstanding what a number of extremely good assets are to study Korean online without any charge.

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