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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Learning A Foreign Language Right Now

8 reasons why you should be learning a foreign language

There is no time like today

The one problem a lot of new language learners face is that due to apprehensiveness they skip one crucial detail, there is no time like today to start learning a foreign language.

There is an over 200% rise in sales of language courses 

This indicates that more and more people are getting into learning a foreign language and in today’s date when not only there are not enough jobs and money to go around and people are being terminated from their jobs. Value is what you need to stand out among the rest to consolidate your position.

Get up to 20% higher salary

Studies have shown that people who know 2 or more languages to a certain degree of fluency command up to 20% more salary than others at the same level who don’t.

Makes your brain sharper

Studies done by Newcastle University and York University in the UK during 2011 have shown that learning a foreign language later in life can make your brain sharper. This leads to the next point. 

As a preventive measure against dementia

Numerous studies over the years have indicated that learning a new language later in life has an effect on dementia and reduces the chances of having Alzheimer’s.

Learning a Foreign language gives you confidence

Over the years multiple studies have covered and backed up that people who learn new languages not only deal and cope with the unknown better, it also helps you maintain a calm mind.

Provides more employment and educational benefits

There are multiple countries in the world that provide a world-class education for free as long as you know their language. Where the top Universities of any country require you to at least have some level of knowledge of the local language.

Makes you more empathetic

When someone learns a foreign language they do not just learn the technicalities but also the subtleties, the contexts, and the minutiae of the local culture to have a better understanding of not only the social cues but also the prevalent unwritten rules and taboos.

Just the benefits of learning a foreign language are so stacked up that there is no reason why you should not be beginning your journey onto learning a foreign language right now. And to assist you in that endeavor we will like to provide you all assistance with our Foreign Language Courses in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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