Benefits of learning the Japanese Language

Some history about the Japanese language

Before we begin talking about the benefits of studying Japanese language, let’s discuss on some facts and history of eastern language that makes it so exciting.

Japanese, the 6th extensively spoken eastern Asian language internationally among 128 million human beings is called Nihongo in Japan and lots of people are gaining knowledge of Japanese to enhance their career prospects and to recognize the Japanese lifestyle. It’s the primary language of Japan and a member of the Japonic Language own family.

If we look at the history, it has been divided into the following terms:

Old Japanese (the era of Buddhism), Early middle Japanese (Heian period), Late middle Japanese (Kamakura and Muromachi period), early modern Japanese (Meiji Restoration), Modern Japanese (Edo period).

Japanese words are mostly based on verbs, nouns and particles; it has a lexically significant pitch ascent. If someone wants to learn Japanese, then he/she has to move step by step which shall include reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Now, let us learn about some benefits of learning Japanese

Benefits Of Learning Japanese

Benefits of learning japanese language

1. A closer look at the diverse Japanese culture

During the process of learning Japanese, you will definitely learn all sorts of new things about Japan. You’ll learn the history of the country and the differences in dialect between one region and another. You’ll also learn to use words specific to Japanese customs and culture.

This will allow you to slowly open up and learn more than you ever imagined about Japan, its people and its rich and interesting history. Even though it’s not as big a country, it still ranks among the most advanced and developed countries around the globe.

2. An inspiring and unique language

The toughest foreign language would possibly just give you a better attitude and information of other Asian languages. It’s not unusual for someone to first study Japanese after which move on to Korean, Chinese language, Vietnamese or Thai. This could assist you to greatly increase your information of languages and cultures in East Asia.

3. Job prospect of learning

Like I mentioned before, Japan ranks amongst the top Technologically advanced countries around the world. Japanese companies like

  1. Hitachi India Pvt Ltd,
  2. Honda Cars India Ltd,
  3. Panasonic India Pvt Ltd,
  4. Sony India Pvt Ltd,
  5. Toyota Kirloskar Motors Pvt Ltd

are all of Japanese origin! I’m sure most of you weren’t aware of this. Those examples are more than sufficient to convince all people to have a look at learning the unique language more significantly. Despite the fact that that is pretty apparent, it can now not be in the manner you watched. Understanding Japanese for enterprise will grow your value as a global organization and market player.

Whether it’s an enterprise Japanese enterprise or simply getting your foot through the door with simple greetings, your potential clients or business companions from Japan will significantly admire your efforts.

Furthermore, Japan has for a long time been a totally tough area to do business. Whether or not it’s administrators seeking to film there, or salespeople trying to navigate the diffused communique practices of jap lifestyle, the extraordinary legal guidelines, forms and language make matters complicated.

Yes, getting to know this language will honestly provide you with an edge over your competitors in terms of fascinating and impressing your bosses along with your whole homework on their culture and traditions.

Best japanese Anime

The best anime for learning Japanese - Lingualift

4. Why Japanese Entertainment and Culture Stands out

Even as we are quite sure you have tried sushi or ramen in your property country, there are loads more accessible. Getting to know Japanese will let you apprehend the origins of substances, forms of cooking, and even communicate with chefs.

Talking about anime, they have such a deep and well thought out script and screenplay that it completely blows your mind. Characters like Hello Kitty and  Totoro are all over the internet with their amazing self-love and spread love not hate mottos!

Talking about Anime, interesting facts for all of you. Attack on Titans is the best anime with a very high IMDB rating closer to that of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Yes! think about that. Other stand out animes being :

  1. Deathnote (my personal favourite),
  2. Tokyo Ghoul, these are some of the best dark anime that will make you fall in love with the negative characters and just make you wonder “could a cartoon really be this great?”

More such famous series are:

  1. Dragon Ball Super,
  2. Naruto etc
  3. Baki etc

all of which are available either on Netflix or other OTT platforms. You can also check out the top-rated Japanese movies and all about them.

5. The Educational Benefit

That is one of the most crucial advantages of gaining knowledge of Japanese!
Many Indian corporations and MNCs are trying to increase their purchaser base within the nation. With progress in India-Japan bilateral relationships. Japan has one of the quality education structures inside the globe!

Verified Records:

  1.  The OECD ranks the country’s high college students number 1 globally for maths and number 2 for scientific literacy.
  2. The country boasts Asia’s highest quantity of Nobel prize winners way to its high-quality instructional way of life and pioneer research and Innovation.
  3. Out of 25 Nobel Prize winners, 22 of whom arrive from physics, chemistry, or remedy.
  4. With about 780 universities, specialised vocational institutions, and hundred’s of junior schools to remember, you will undoubtedly find an organization that gives your particular vicinity of interest.
  5. Analyzing in Japan will actually have a positive impact on your employability and provide you with better career possibilities.

Japanese is perceived as a very difficult language, but it isn’t always as difficult as you watched, although it differs from ECU languages.

You could apprehend the fundamentals without knowing the entire Hiragana (native jap words), Katakana (overseas phrases), or Kanji (followed Chinese language characters), even though test out the thing on Japanese data to get a better know-how of those 3 dialects.

While you begin, it’s going to look very complex and not possible to master. genuinely, it is uncommon, and you have to get used to the manner it differs. When you get over that preliminary hurdle, it’s very sincere. Nouns don’t have any gender, no articles, and no plural paperwork: simplest verb tenses, gifts and beyond. With only five vowel sounds and steady phonetic spelling, the language is distinctly comfortable to pronounce.

Once you get going and broaden that love for the language which you sincerely will, you may begin to hold close to the whole thing plenty quicker. So those were the pinnacle five mindblowing advantages of mastering the Japanese language

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