Does Duolingo make you fluent in any language?

Does Duolingo help you attain fluency in your target language?

Before we jump straight to the topic i.e. does Duolingo make you fluent in any language, let’s get to know a little more about the application? Does Duolingo help you attain fluency in any language or no is a very broad question and the answer to this question varies from person to person. In this article, we will be discussing some benefits and drawbacks of Duolingo along with some tried and tested solutions for the same.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded educational app in the world. They have more than 300 million users. The company’s mission is to make the language learning free, fun, and easily available to all. Duolingo is revolutionised in a way that it feels like you’re playing a video game. In addition to this, the Duolingo English Test is a cheap and convenient language certification choice that one could make, which is accepted by a lot of universities in the country.

Some background about Duolingo’s founder

Does Duolingo make you fluent

Duolingo was founded by Luis von Ahn. Who is a Carnegie Mellon professor, an exceptional MacArthur Fellow, serial entrepreneur, an amazing TED speaker, and the inventor of CAPTCHAs

What does Duolingo offer to make you fluent in any language

Duolingo focuses on the following things to make you fluent in any foreign language. 

  1. Listening tasks,
  2. Post-it cards, and
  3. Multiple-choice questions to help you with attaining the correct knowledge out of the most obvious mistakes.

Can Duolingo make you fluent

Maximum questions have a common thread where students can speak a particular question in detail. The service also has network features that permit you to hook up with other people who are studying the same language as you are.

The Duolingo Podcast (available for Spanish and French beginners as of writing) consists of a sequence of actual-existence testimonies supplied half of in English, and half within the goal language to offer exciting listening exercise. The production, exceptional and narrative depth are extremely marvellous (on par with famous indicates like “This American existence”). There are new episodes released almost every week, and you may read entire transcripts online.

As of writing, English speakers you can enjoy Duolingo testimonies in

  1. Spanish,
  2. Portuguese
  3. Russian
  4. French
  5. German etc

A few quick tips to make you fluent with using Duolingo.

  1. Attempt listening to sentences first before reading them. This facilitates prioritizing the improvement of your listening talents and shows you what you recognize in actual time with your ears versus what you could parse out phrase with the aid of word along with your eyes.
  2. Tap the speaker icon to listen to the sentence once more, say the sentence aloud at least once, and then double-check your answer for errors. It’s easy to forget about something apparent when looking to go too out of pace.
  3. In case you take place to get a given exercise or answer wrong, tap the little speech-bubble icon in the backside proper nook to see that question’s forum dialogue. There’s a high threat someone could have answered a way to get that particular query proper.
  4. Access the leaderboard tab by means of clicking the guard icon 2nd from the right in the app. Right here, you will see your contemporary “League” and wherein you stand inside the scores.
  5. Compete together with your buddies! even as competing with strangers the usage of the League function is likewise fine.

Why does Duolingo fail to provide 100% fluency in any language?

Most exercises in Duolingo feel like language learning but are in fact exercises in “indirect learning” and accumulation of passive knowledge instead of active skill.

Two key examples?

  1. Translation exercises
  2. Matching/fill in the blank exercises.

1. The problem Duolingo has with translations:

Most language rookies count on that we research a language by means of systematically translating every phrase and phrase, one after the other until we have matching units of equal terms in our local and target language. This appears logical sufficient on the floor, however, there’s one important trouble:

This isn’t always how our brains work. at the same time as occasional translations may be helpful to create context and increase comprehension, genuine acquisition proceeds most speedy and successfully when we develop immediately, subconscious institutions among sounds and deep meanings.

Translations upload an unneeded step that slows cognition and gums up the work. Many novices, possibly terrified of the inevitable uncertainty and ambiguity that language getting to know includes. Addiction to translations early on in their adventure and locate it very hard to break the dependency later.

Regrettably, apps like Duolingo serves to normalize and strengthen this behaviour. Incidentally, translation is an awful lot inside Duolingo’s DNA for the reason that a unique version of the app was created to both train newcomers and gather crowdsourced translations of sentences on the internet.

2. The problem OF matching, filling in the blank, etc.

What do matching words, answering multiple-desire questions, dragging words into the perfect order, and filling inside the blank have in not unusual? They are all easy and typically useless for simply achieving conversational fluency in a language.

Such physical games are easy to design and grade, but they have got nearly no direct relationship with the actual talent that most people prefer to master, that’s talking with real people.

When you are face to face with another character, you do not use your finger to drag phrases around a display. One uses his vocal cords to create sound waves and speak, therefore, the latter ability is what you should practice.

In preference to counting on translation and contrived physical activities, it’s far more powerful to research a language at once (i.e. by means of really speaking it with other human beings). Rather than losing time studying the language, genuinely, research in the language!

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