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How to learn Spanish: 9 awesome steps to master Spanish

How to learn Spanish: 9 awesome steps to master Spanish

So, you want to know how to learn Spanish too? Well, don’t worry. You are not alone. Millions of people studying the language every day, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with over 400 million speakers. It is also the official language of 20 countries. Thus, learning Spanish is not just fun, but it provides various professional and personal opportunities. Spanish has a very rich linguistic history and is a beautiful language.

So how difficult is it to learn Spanish? Not so much. Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn for English, French or Italian speakers. Spanish has a similar alphabet to English, a familiar-sounding vocabulary, and easier pronunciations.

But you must be having your doubts. Is it worth it? How much time would it take? Can I do it? How do I learn Spanish really? Rest assured. This article has got you covered. But before getting into how to learn Spanish, let’s first see why one should learn Spanish.

Why learn Spanish?

So, you’re thinking of learning another language but arent sure if it’s the right step for you? Rest assured, because learning a language might just be the best gift you can give yourself. And if you are an English speaker. Then why not learn the second most spoken language? Still not convinced? Well, read on to find out why you should learn Spanish.

  • If you’re looking for ways to enhance your growth in the global market, then learning Spanish is a no brainer.
  • Whether it is the sandy beaches of Barcelona or the hills of Mexico, learning Spanish gives you the passport to a whole new world. Not only that, local citizens adore and respect anyone who respects them enough to talk to them in their native language.
  • From ‘La Casa De Papel’ on Netflix to classic Flamenco songs, learning Spanish gives you an opportunity to view the culture of the countries that speak Spanish through a magnifying glass. It opens up the world of entertainment as half of the TV shows today have Spanish influences in them, be it ‘Elite’ or ‘the Mayans M.C.’
  • Knowing a second language not only makes That resume of yours stand out but is proven to improve memory, problem-solving skills, and cognitive behavior.

Check out this link to know more about the benefits of learning a foreign language and why you should start learning one – immediately!

By now, I’m pretty sure you are convinced to learn Spanish. But how do you go on about it? Broadly, building a sizeable vocabulary, taking Spanish courses, reading Spanish stories are a few of the important points you need to check off while learning Spanish.

How to learn Spanish?

Read on to find out how you can learn Spanish by following ten simple steps :

Learn the Important words first

Do you know that 87.8% of all spoken Spanish accounts for only a thousand words? Yes. That is correct. Just by learning a thousand words, you will be able to understand most of the spoken language and with knowing sentence structuring, you will be able to carry out basic conversations in Spanish.

learn Spanish

Speak Spanish each day without fail

Do not wait until you are at an intermediate level to speak Spanish. Whether it is 15 minutes a day or an hour, speak Spanish each day will not only instill your confidence but help you learn Spanish faster. Few of the best ways to find people to speak with other people who also want to learn Spanish are Duolingo meetings, Discord server rooms, etc. The popularity of Spanish as a second language means that meetup groups that are just for Spanish learners are omnipresent.

Start Binge watching

Seriously? Is sitting in front of Netflix going to help me learn Spanish? Why not!? OTT’s nowadays have content from all over the world. Start by watching movies and TV shows with Spanish audio and English subtitles and slowly move on to watching with Spanish audio and subtitles.

While listening to the dialogues and reading the subtitles, you won’t only start retaining words but will also start learning pronunciations better (which is the only difficult part of learning Spanish.)

Make Spanish a part of your daily life

Start reading novels in Spanish. Change the language settings on your phones from your native language to Spanish. Utilize youtube to its full potential, not just for watching reaction videos. One can watch animated stories on youtube in Spanish that start from the very basic levels and go to the highest levels.

learn Spanish

Read Spanish daily

No, I’m not just talking about your study materials. Read news articles, novellas, storybooks. Read, read, and READ! Not only will it help you in increasing your word bank, but it will also show you how all the words and grammatical rules are used in context. Here are some great books for learning Spanish:

  • ‘Easy Spanish Step-by-Step’ by Barbara Bregstein
  • ‘See it and say it in Spanish’ by Margarita Madrigal
  • ‘Conquer basic Spanish’ by Linda Plummer

Visit websites like Duolingo, Coursera, etc.

While Duolingo won’t help you master the language, doing its daily exercises will help you build both your vocabulary and pronunciation. You can start practicing without any prior knowledge of Spanish, making Duolingo one of the best free resources to learn Spanish out there. Babbel, Rosetta stone, and Coursera are also some great additional aids to add to your answer to ‘how to learn Spanish’.

learn Spanish

Start listening to Spanish radio channels

Another great practice to inculcate in your daily life is listening to Spanish radio. Not only do you get to listen to awesome Spanish music each day, but you also get to understand various Spanish accents and grasp a lot of new words when you listen to talk shows, news events, etc. They are one of the best supplements to give structure to your learning and help you learn Spanish fast.

Here are some podcasts to listen to and websites to visit to learn Spanish:

Play video games in Spanish

Wondering how to learn Spanish in a fun way? Who doesn’t love to play? Playing video games can be a pretty useful technique to learn Spanish. One might think of video games in Spanish as a sort of simulated language immersion. What one is going to be doing in the game is interacting with a bunch of other players in a particular language and this would help one get a knowledge of how the language is used on the street. Using this interactive scenario would also help one to remember words better.

how to learn Spanish

Join an extensive Spanish Course at Language Fluent

When you’re learning by yourself, hitting a plateau isn’t that uncommon. A little professional help from an experienced Spanish speaker can help you go a long way, especially when you’re living in a place like India where Spanish isn’t one of the spoken languages.

Due to its growing familiarity and popularity, there are Spanish classes available in the major educational hubs of India and pretty much in any country, you reside in. And with the help of the internet, there are online tutors available to help you every step of the way and give you detailed guidance on how to learn Spanish.

What if told you can have a professional who won’t only help you improve your pronunciation and grammar but will work closely with all the aspects of the Spanish language that troubles you? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what we offer at Language Fluent.

With professional tutors, we offer all the levels of Spanish starting right from A1 all the way up to C2 which will not only help you learn Spanish fast but speak it with a never felt like confidence before!

learn Spanish

So what are you waiting for? You know why you need to learn Spanish, you know how to learn Spanish. Now all you have to do is start acting on that dream of yours to learn Spanish and in no time, you’ll be able to translate this entire post into Spanish. Happy learning! Or as they say in Spanish, “Feliz aprendizaje!”

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