How to make language learning fun?

Can you really make learning a language fun?

Yes, everyone wants to learn a foreign language without being able to invest their quality time, money and resources. To be very honest with you it isn’t that easy. But at the same time, I will not break your moral completely. So what language learning is difficult, It can most definitely be fun at the same time!

To stress more on this fact and blow your mind completely I’ve made a list of top 5 fun activities that will not only help you work and learn a new language but will also make it so enjoyable and fun.

How to make language learning fun

1. Playing computer games, everyone’s favourite leisure activity

Repetition of words and concepts is essential for remembering them in the long term. The more we repeat something, the greater the chance that it will become something memorable. As you level up, no matter how simple or complex the game is, you will still hear the same words over and over while playing, which makes you associate things and words.

When it comes to learning a new language, you have to master all four skills:

  • Listening,
  • Speaking,
  • Reading, and
  • Writing.

One of the strengths of video games is that listening and reading practice are woven in. You’ll find yourself reading and listening to a lot of dialogue, and, in this way, learning grammar rules, new words, and idioms, all together. Some games use a lot of fantasy (or invented) vocabulary, others have a lot of words that focus on weapons or attacks, while others still may be strictly sports vocabulary.

For example – Call of duty, Minecraft, Warcraft etc

They offer a variety of benefits all at once: engaging dialogue, a variety of grammar structures, new vocabulary, stress relief, and also the possibility of making new friends. They represent a revolutionary way to learn a language through context, interaction, and problem-solving. And they’re fun!

How to make language learning fun

2. Listen to language-specific podcasts

Podcasts are a great learning tool. They can really help make your language learning experience fun . You can listen to shows about history, mythology, philosophy and, as you can guess, language. If you’re looking for recommended podcasts to listen to, you should check out our language-specific guides. Here, we’ll be discussing the best methods for actually learning with podcasts.

The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them everywhere, but passively listening isn’t always the best option. You can easily listen to a few hours of Spanish without learning anything substantial. How exactly you use podcasts is up to you, whether it’s reinforcing your existing language skills or using them to pick up new grammar and vocabulary. But here are some tips to help you along your way.

They often deal with certain themes. They can talk about sports, fashion, politics, even religion. The advantage of listening to theme-related podcasts is that it gives you a highly focused workout on a certain subset of vocabulary. Because it narrows the field of interest, you can now focus on the specifics of the topic.

3. Listen to music in the target language

Listening to music allows us to improve our vocabulary because the lyrics of the songs are generally composed of informal expressions and words that we don’t necessarily learn when studying a language.

Listening to music helps with overall memorization and comprehension. According to scientists, singing new words makes them easier to remember.

Not only adults but even youngsters and teenagers can benefit from the advantages linked to listening to a foreign language.  Scientific research suggests that children who listen to multiple languages as they grow will have better linguistic responsiveness in these languages in later life.

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4. Explore the inner chef in you!

If you love cooking and you also wish t practice your newly learnt language skills? Well, we have just the best solution for you.

Read recipes in the language you prefer to improve on. Try to write down the new and different words and search for the sentences they are used in order to understand their meaning properly.

Not a huge fan of reading? You can always find hundreds of videos on Youtube most of which are not in English. If you don’t understand something you can always just pause. rewind. play.

Try, for example, watching cooking tutorial videos. While it can be a bit more difficult listening in your target language than it is to read it, YouTube videos usually are still quite accessible at lower levels because you can always pause the video, rewind it, or change the speed so it is slower.

Netflix and chill

5. Lastly, you can always Netflix and chill!

If you prefer higher quality telly, give Netflix a try. The online streaming service is gradually turning into a language learning goldmine as they continue to build up their selection of foreign language films and TV programmes. Use the audio and subtitles section to search for films and TV in the language you’re learning.

Lots of programmes have subtitles in the original language, so you can read along at the same time or pause it and look up new vocabulary. I recommend avoiding English subtitles where possible as you can end up concentrating on the English and blocking out the foreign language.

Some shows that offer both  English/regional language as well as the actual language of the movie or series have several advantages. with the original audio, you can pay close attention to the pronunciation of the words, imitate the accent and improve your comprehension speed by catching up with the speaker’s pace.

By switching the subtitles to the target language you can work on your reading speed and also understand how various words and phrases are framed and spelt.

Movies not only help you hone your language skills but also help you get a better understanding of the culture and traditions of the place where the language is spoken.

To sum it up these are the top 5 ways you can make the language learning experience fun Had you ever thought that it would be such a delightful experience to learn and practice something?

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