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Are you struggling
with these?

GKS Scholarship

Want to study in Korea for free with the GKS scholarship but don’t know how to go about it?

Make a Career

Want to make a career in Korean
language and work for International
clients but don’t have a mentor?

K-pop and K-Dramas

Want to watch and listen to your
favourite K-pop and K-Dramas without
subtitles but don’t know Korean?

Korean Culture

Want to understand Korean culture
and be part of an amazing community
but don’t know how to?

BuT dON’t KnoW wHeRe tO bEGiN?

That's why we created
a workshop
to help you

That's why we created
a workshop
to help you

Next question is What
you'll learn?

Introduction to Hangeul and its origin
Understanding Korean History
Self Introduction in Korean & Number systems
10 Career
Prospects in
Korean language
Tricks to remember Hangeul characters
Understanding the GKS scholarship
Similarities between Korean and Indian Culture
Understanding the TOPIK exam

Numbers that speak
for themselves




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Yes! You will be certified for this worksh opon submission of your assignment.
Career Blueprint Course


Study Strategy cheatsheets


TOPIK exam format recorded workshop


Hangeul Practice Worksheets


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Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.

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Start Speaking Korean in just 1 day!

You can now start speaking Korean and secure the GKS scholarship or a high paying Job for yourself!

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You will get an email right after you register. Do check the spam and promotions tab just in case it landed there.

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₹9 ₹4,499

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