Terms & Conditions for Language Classes

  1. You’ll have to attend your classes regularly on a pre-decided schedule.
  2. In case, after starting your classes, you want to change the schedule, you’ll have to discuss it with the trainer and team. If the same trainer is available then it can be considered or else, we’ll not be responsible for the classes.
  3. Eligibility for getting a certificate from LF –
  4. a) You’ll have to score a minimum of 80% in your final test conducted by the LF team after completion of your syllabus.
    b) Your attendance should bea minimum of 90%.
  5. In case, you are unable to attend your class, you’ll have to inform atleast 6-8 hours before the scheduled time in the group.
  6. You’ll be provided the recorded sessions if you’re absent and if informed beforehand (limited only upto 10 sessions).
  7. All the communication has to be compulsorily taken in the group only. No issues would be considered if the communication with the trainer is done personally.
  8. You’ll not get a refund for any amount paid by you in any case.
  9. If you remain absent for continuous 10 – 15 days, your classes won’t be repeated and you’ll not be added toanother batch. In this case, your admission will be cancelled.
  10. If your admission gets cancelled by the LF team or from your end, you’ll have to repay the entire fees if you wish to learn further and no amount will be refunded or adjusted from the amount already paid.
  11. In case, you quit in the middle of any batch for any reason, your admission will be cancelled and we’ll not be responsible for any refunds or further classes.
  12. The amount paid by you won’t be carried forward for any other batch or course.
  13. In case, you choose the Installment option, you’ll have to make the payment within 25 – 30 days from the starting date of your classes. It won’t be considered as per the number of hours or classes, etc.
  14. In case, you fail to pay the Installment on time, your course will be paused and the classes won’t be repeated and recordings or revisions will not be provided.
  15. No issues will be entertained if you’re not attending your classes regularly and completing all the assignments given by the trainer.
  16. The classes will not be started until the form is filled and verified by our team and your full payment or first installment is completed.