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Top 10 Most Difficult Languages To Learn in 2022

What are the top ten most difficult languages to master in 2022? Language study facilitates communication with people from all over the globe. A person who can communicate with others using simple sentences is superior to one who views another language as nonsense.

No two languages are identical regarding the ease of language acquisition because the ease of acquisition depends on the original tongue.

Top 10 Most Difficult Languages To Learn

Languages with the same linguistic ancestry as your native tongue are easier to learn. People believe that English is difficult to understand. However, native English speakers find it more challenging to acquire other languages.

We conducted some research to reveal the top ten most difficult languages to learn and why they are so difficult.

Arabic is one of the top ten most difficult languages to learn

Arabic is the most difficult among the top 10 most difficult languages to learn for an English speaker. It employs a completely alien alphabet. In addition, the folks find it difficult to follow the script and to read instructions.

Arabic speech patterns and tones are very dissimilar to those of English. The remaining Germanic languages have identical cognates and vocabulary.

Those who master the alphabet will also need to master the vowel markers because vowels may completely alter the meaning of a sentence.

Mandarin is extremely difficult to learn

Mandarin is an official member of the Chinese Language Group. It is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. Still, for an English-native speaker, studying Mandarin is a major undertaking.

Mandarin System is a tonal language, and each sound has several pronunciations. The Chinese language has an abundance of homophones, idioms, and aphorisms. All of these idioms stem from a lengthy period of history.

Without a basic understanding of this culture, a person can’t acquire Mandarin under these circumstances. In addition, this language has its alphabet!

Japanese is among the top ten most difficult languages to master

A member of the top 10 most difficult languages to learn, Japanese is easier to speak than Mandarin, so why is it on this list? Before writing in Japanese, it is necessary to become familiar with various alphabets.

It contains three different writing systems called Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. These writing systems have added thousands of alphabets and characters, which may be challenging for English speakers to master.

Hungarian Is Useful but Difficult to Master

An English speaker may view Hungarian grammar as the route to perdition. Because the rules of Hungarian grammar are the hardest to master, this language contains 26 special cases.

Not the word order, but the tense and possession are determined by suffixes. This is how the majority of European languages approach this issue. In addition, the cultural aspects of Hungarian make it more difficult to learn.

These cultural connotations, similar to Japanese, make it more difficult to study this language in isolation.


There is no genetic tie between Korean and any other language. It makes it the most peculiar and distinctive language. This language has several obstacles, such as its unique alphabet and a complex syntax.

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Additionally, this language has a distinct word order. In other words, Korean is unlike any different language you may have encountered. For instance, the Korean language defines the represented person first, followed by the object, and then the activity.

Top 10 Most Difficult Languages To Learn in 2022

The sixth most difficult language to learn is Finnish

After Hungarian, the grammar of the Finnish language is the most difficult. It seems somewhat close to English due to its pronunciation and letters.

However, the syntax makes it considerably more difficult than the English language. Classical or traditional Finnish makes the language more difficult to learn.

Modern Finns express themselves in a manner completely distinct from the rest of the world. This is one of the top 10 most difficult languages to learn. Prepare yourself for a tangle of languages if you wish to study Finnish!


Basque is an isolated language like Korean. It bears no similarity to neighbouring languages. However, it has acquired terminology from romance languages. Small victories! It makes Basque somewhat less difficult than Korean.

Basque is written and spoken uniquely compared to other languages. There are several variants of this language that have evolved significantly over time.

This language is spoken by less than 7,000,000 people yet has six different dialects. This is why Basque is so difficult to learn and write compared to other languages. Determine the version you wish to study, and start your trip!


North American English is a verb-based language and one of the most difficult to learn. Verbs provide the descriptions. The majority of English adjectives cannot be translated properly into Navajo.

This language is difficult to pronounce since Navajo sounds do not exist in English. It does not sound simple!

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The ninth most difficult language to learn is Icelandic

Even though Icelandic is not among the most difficult languages on our list, it is rather challenging. It is written in one of the top 10 most difficult languages to master. Although it is spoken on a tiny island with less than 4,000,000 inhabitants, it is not an isolated language. It gives this language its sharpness.

This language had altered little since the 9th and 10th centuries when Iceland was established. Instead of adopting foreign terms for new notions, Icelandic people invented new words to give meaning to previous ones.

This creates a considerable learning difficulty. If you wish to become proficient in Icelandic, you must migrate to Iceland, as this language cannot be understood remotely.

Polish is among the top ten most difficult languages to master

Although it is tenth on the list, it is far from simple. Polish contains seven instances. The good news is that this language has similar alphabets and fewer sounds, especially vowel sounds, than English.

You might argue that learning the language is not simple but rather less mind-boggling. Despite this, you must still cope with an extremely complex gender system.

These languages are completely unrelated to English, making them among the ten most difficult to learn. To master any of these languages, membership in an exclusive community is required. It is no small accomplishment to interpret across two different languages and cultures.


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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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