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Top 10 ways to learn a language while traveling

Languages enable us to interact with strangers, gain knowledge of other cultures, and reflect on our own. What prevents you from learning a second language?

When you travel and can converse with the amusing shopkeeper, the inspiring street performer, or the other traveler you meet in your hotel dorm, things get significantly funnier and more intriguing. With the acquisition of each new language, a whole new world opens up to you. By studying a new language, you may reflect on your own culture and ultimately get a deeper understanding of yourself.

Here are some of my conclusions on the most efficient techniques to study a language quickly and independently while touring the globe.

How to learn a language while traveling without effort

1. Being prepared is everything

In addition, I do not imply the usual study of grammar and vocabulary by preparation. You may prepare yourself by listening to music in the country’s official language. When I initially familiarised myself with the Portuguese language, I looked up some prominent Brazilian artists and fell in love!

The best thing about it? Without even knowing anything initially, you start to gain a feel for the language and acquaint yourself with the new sounds and pronunciation.

Once you locate something you enjoy, listen intently, try copying the sounds, and sing along. It’s similar to what kids do to learn – they listen to their parents until they start copying them.

If you wish, you may seek up the lyrics of your favorite songs and translate them so that you genuinely grasp what they are about. There’s also a far greater probability that you will remember the words and their meanings rather than merely studying and remembering some fundamental phrases and vocabulary from a book.

2. Go alone yourself

If you’re terrified of speaking unfamiliar languages overseas, this is a major one.

We all know it’s fantastic to travel with friends, but if you go alone, chances are far higher that you’ll venture out of your comfort zone and connect with individuals you certainly wouldn’t meet if you were traveling with your best friends. These folks can help you learn a language rapidly!

I also wouldn’t advocate coming with a buddy who knows the language you wish to learn because you would let them do all the work. And if you don’t practice speaking, you won’t improve.

Of course, this also depends on your personality. Still, during my initial attempts to speak Portuguese, I felt better speaking to foreigners when I was by myself rather than with a buddy who already spoke exceptionally well.

3. Go remote

This one goes hand-in-hand with selecting a solitary travel experience. Try to stay away from the touristy central locations and dorms where everyone speaks your home tongue. Avoid meeting folks from your nation! Not only does it extend your viewpoint, but you will also be compelled to start speaking in another language.

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4. Focus on the interaction


Top 10 ways to learn a language while traveling

Concentrate on communication, not perfection. When studying a language at school, you learn new vocabulary, verb tenses, conjugations, etc. I learned French at school for seven years, but I have never practiced. If a French visitor on the sidewalk would ask me for directions, I could offer him a baguette but no instructions.

The value rests in communication!

Begin with the basics; learn to say “Hi!” Point to items, and ask for their names. Learn how to enquire about locations. Try to comprehend the answers you hear, and if you don’t, keep asking questions. Start ordering meals in the language you are studying or shopping at the local markets. It’s like a game. Every time you speak and participate, you gain one more piece of the jigsaw until everything starts to fit together and make sense.

I encourage chatting to the locals. The learning benefit is multiplied since you not only enhance your language abilities but also receive some insights into their day-to-day existence. Even if you have to use complicated hand gestures to describe yourself effectively, you’ll be astonished by how much others will comprehend and how empowered you’ll feel when you’ve successfully expressed your point.

5. Make friends

The most excellent approach to learning a language spontaneously is engaging with people. If your incentive to learn a new language is to understand a person you adore, you’ll have significantly more success learning the language than if your goal was to put the language on your CV. Doing a work exchange is a terrific opportunity to befriend outstanding individuals you wouldn’t meet in your life back home. This makes it an excellent tool for your language-learning journey.

When I initially started traveling, I was pretty bashful and didn’t think I could ever become best friends with someone who didn’t speak my mother language. But I was proven incorrect time and again. Some of my closest friends speak Spanish or Portuguese, and wanting to stay in contact with them is what currently keeps me improving my language abilities every single day.

So, don’t be timid to put yourself out there and hunt for foreign pals who could become private mentors.

6. Spend time normally

Spend time as usual but in your target language. Check if your favorite TV shows or books are translated into your studying language. If you do typical activities in the language you’re learning; you’ll learn naturally and have pleasure. This might include yoga, acquiring an instrument, or taking a culinary lesson. I love finding podcasts in the language I’m studying. What do your new pals watch, read, and listen to? They’ll provide helpful counsel. Change your phone or computer to the language you’re studying. Immerse yourself as much as possible in the target language.



7. Err

Don’t worry about faults or pronunciation. Even if you use the wrong tense or have an accent, people will admire you for trying. Ever dislike someone’s accent? Accents are distinctive. Learning involves making errors. Don’t be afraid to talk. Once you start talking, you’ll have fun. When you’re having fun, you’ll be more driven and bold. Speaking more can help you learn faster and make fewer mistakes.

8. Making a Journal

My notebooks blend four languages. My writing relies on my location, emotions, and previous experiences. Theoretically, learning a new language transforms your personality. It’s essential to write in a new language while learning it. These diary entries might give you a new perspective on what you’ve encountered. It’s only for you, so make errors! The most excellent part of writing when learning a language is that you won’t recognize your progress until you look back at the beginning.

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9. Be efficient

Don’t squander time online when traveling (unless they are in the language you are learning). Read a book, study some vocabulary, and download language applications to waste time.

On-the-go learning is possible.

Use a language app for 15 minutes before bed or write a “word of the day” when you wake up. How long does language learning take? Journal about a new term you learned, something you observed, a first-time item you used, anything! Write without worrying about grammar or spelling. Invent!

10. Don’t underrate yourself

Never underestimate your learning capacity. You’re never too lazy, bashful, elderly, or untalented. Strive for growth, not perfection. If you’re driven and having fun, everything is achievable. Don’t compare yourself to others; discover your rhythm and learning style. Stay curious and confident.

Contact us if you have questions concerning my language-learning journey or these recommendations. Please get in touch with us here.

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Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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