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Top 6 Spanish movies to watch to learn Spanish

Spanish learning with your love of films, be it Latin American or from Spain?

If you want to make it to the Latino Continent or in Europe, learning Spanish could be of significant use. It would help you dive into the Spanish culture. But Spanish culture has varied around the world. Yes, you may think that Spanish is spoken in Spain. If you go South West,  across the Atlantic Ocean, major parts of North and South America speaks Spanish too.

Mexico does not speak Mexican. In fact, there is no language like Mexican. All the countries South of the United States of America starting from Mexico to the tip of Argentina speaks Spanish. Brazil on the other hand speaks Portuguese.

If you want to advance in improving your proficiency in Spanish, you might have to take a different route. Do not always rely on the traditional nerdy way of grasping things with no interest.

Take advantage of your hobby, if watching movies is one of them.

Yes, I am talking about Spanish Movies. By watching Spanish Movies, you are not only getting hold of the language, but also the culture as a whole. That depends on what country the movie was shot in. For instance, although Spain and Mexico speak the same language, there are differences in culture and traditions. Mexico might have some blended cultures, but some of them are authentic.

In this blog, I will list out the 6 best movies to watch to learn Spanish augmented by grasping their culture, accent, and certain metaphors too. For metaphors, you might have to work hard, if you would like to take your language learning to the next level. Even without it, you would do just fine. Here are the following:

1. Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) – 2014 (R)

If you want to see a classic wonder film, then it is Wild Tales that will induce you to be at the edge of your seats, glued to the screen.

If you see the name, the film has 6 distinctive short stories written with precision and caution. It was directed by the combined skill of Pedro Almodóvar, Augustin, and Damian Szifron.

The movie exposes the absurd passion of the human race, ferocity of human behavior that involves suffering people with details that are horrifying.

There is a dramatic situation in every featured story that involves the extremity of human reactions and universal emotions. The situations come one after another nonstop but eventually clash with each other.

Every story has a perspective to take from and it is up to you, what you are going to take. You may compare some of your life situations with those in the wild tales. Spanish movies like these are very rare and this could be a perfect opportunity for you to grasp every element of this movie. Flick’s hysterical and grasping nature would induce you to take some distasteful, but riveting Argentine vocabulary.

Maybe this could be one of those movies where you would watch frequently. No wonder Relatos Salvajes won nearly 50 awards covering important award shows.

2. Diarios De Motocicleta( The Motorcycle Diaries)- 2004( R)

The movie is a biopic that sketches the juvenile decency of two friends. They undergo the challenges of poverty and exploitation during their tour in South America.

You will see Gael García Bernal stars as Ernesto ‘ Che’ Guevara’s awakened depiction. Whereas the real ‘Che’ has his journey written in a diary while he was at the age of 23.

To give him company was Alberto Granado as his friend, and both were training to be Doctors.

The people they came across and the situations in touring the continent portray the ‘ Che’ version right before it revolutionizes.

The film ” Diarios De Motocicleta” gives you an excellent opportunity in learning Spanish from various cultures and dialects of South America.

3.  Amores Perros – 2009 (R)

Spanish Movies

Guess what, when you see a movie, you are getting to see the Director himself appearing on the screen. No wonder ” Amores Perros” (Love’s a Bitch) has won awards when its director appeared on the screen.

It is a thrilling film showcasing the lives of every corner of society in the center of Mexico City.

The central character, Octavio’s life was dominated by Dogfighting, poverty, and violence. In addition to the challenges were further complicated issues, in falling in love with his sister-in-law.

This grasping and quick-action movie also displays elements of tenderness and violent scenes.

If you would like to incorporate some Mexican Spanish slang in your Vocabulary, along with fighting back tears.

4. Volver (To return) – 2006 (R)

Spanish Movies

A 2003 Pedro Almodóvar movie features Pedro’s most preferred actress, Penelope Cruz.

Cruz plays the main character who has certain struggles to cope with the challenges of life. She tries to revive her life after losing his husband who died in cold blood.

Volver ‘a story covers women’s three generations living in Madrid who have challenges and creeps through life with all their might.

This movie gives you an idea about Spanish life and the accents through Spanish Movies like these. You could get hold of the dialects of Castilla – La Mancha region.

It is a masterpiece of a story that personifies an authentic Spanish Movie.

5. Get fantastical in “El laberinto del fauno” (Spain)

Spanish Movies

” Pan’s Labyrinth” is a creative story of a young princess who discovers herself living in a young human girl’s life. Her name is Ofelia. It was during the war-torn time of Spain in 1944. The story has some aspects of war and fairy tales. Its weirdness will certainly touch your heart and grab your attention,  and it worth the watch.

The movie has an in-depth fantasy that could somehow pull you away if you don’t hear carefully, for which you might have to play the subtitles.

Also make sure to get hold of the vocabulary with regards to war, rebellion, fantasy, and revolution.

6. La Comunidad (2000)

If you like Black Comedy, then La Comunidad is a great movie to watch. It was directed by Alex De La Iglesia. Inclining your likeness for movies that would be a little abnormal,  would definitely give you an edge. Moreover, you could increase your likeness towards this movie. This would give you the extra advantage of learning Spanish the best and the most entertaining way.

This movie is apt for intermediate-level learners, as you would incorporate vocabulary of neighborhoods and communities. You could also learn how to express hypotheses and opinions. As far as watching Spanish Movies go, this is one of the eccentric ones.

Still, finding difficulties in finding the best and the most learnable resources of the Spanish language? Well, describe any other way to learn Spanish than to learn from the experts in this field?

Head on to to know about intensive, well-structured language courses and begin a new phase in your life, today!

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Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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