5 Attention-grabbing Blogs in German That’ll Keep You Reading

5 Attention-grabbing Blogs in German That’ll Keep You Reading

Tired of boring German literature? Or overwhelmed by dreary textbooks?

It occurs to me that I could have the answer to your reading difficulties right here and now.

It’s impossible to ignore reading practise, even if you’re spending a lot of time watching German television or listening to German music. Reading practise doesn’t have to be tedious any longer, thanks to the abundance of entertaining German blogs available online. When it comes to blogs in English, there are likely a handful that you follow. It doesn’t matter whether the writing is in a foreign language if the ideas and themes are the same. Cooking, sports, music, and culture may still be found online, but now in a more pleasant, accessible, and laid-back format.

For your convenience, we’ve produced a list of our top 5 favourite German-language blogs for you to peruse.

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Advantages of reading German blogs

The more you read in German, the better your language skills will get. Obviously, this is the case. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of grammatical structures and new terminology as a result of this experience.

The more you read in German, the better your language skills will get. Obviously, this is the case. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of grammatical structures and new terminology as a result of this experience.

If you’re still not persuaded, you should know that reading German blogs counts as reading practise.

Blogs tend to be written in an informal tone, which is not something you’ll find in a school reading assignment. As a result, the informality will work in your favour, as simple language is often the result.

There are a plethora of blogs to be found online. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across someone these days who doesn’t maintain a personal blog. Blogs cover a wide range of topics because of the wide range of interests and hobbies that people have. So don’t whine about not being able to find one to your liking!

Additionally, if you have a German class and need to study a specific topic, you can discover a blog that covers the subject matter fast so that you can take notes on the vocabulary you need.

Each article on a blog has a place for readers to leave feedback. Looking for a way to work on your writing abilities? Comment away! The comments section is a great place to practise expressing an opinion in German, which is frequently required in writing tests.

5 Attention-grabbing Blogs in German That’ll Keep You Reading


1. Mit Vergnügen (My Pleasure)

Mit Vergnügen is a blog covering the most recent events in Berlin. If there is an upcoming gallery opening or underground party, the staff at Mit Vergnügen will be aware of it. Each day, they post about one amusing occurrence, which is where the name derives from: Mit Vergnügen is the German expression for “My pleasure” when accepting an invitation. The blogs are not excessively lengthy, so they are perfect for a short read every so often. Due to the fact that all of the authors are young, this site will also provide you an excellent understanding of informal German and slang.

2. We Travel the World

We Travel The World is an excellent travel blog written in German. The website is divided into country and region-specific parts. Choose the one that most interests you and learn about local cuisine and culture! You’ll also discover helpful topics regarding travel planning, including budget, what to carry, and checklists. Despite its international reach, this site also contains writings on Germany, allowing you to explore there without leaving your couch! Before embarking on a trip, you can brush up on the most essential travel vocabulary.

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3. Fashion Insider

Here’s something for all you fashionistas. Fashion Insider is a terrific fashion site brimming with fashionable suggestions for your closet. If you ever find yourself in Germany after reading this article, you will be equipped with the necessary vocabulary to buy effectively. It is an excellent blog for learning common terms. In addition, there is a section on home attire, which can help you expand your vocabulary even further.


4. ScienceBlogs

ScienceBlogs is a great place to brush up on your advanced German. In spite of the name, this blog covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, and the sciences as well as the everyday life of scientists. It’s a little more formal than the rest of the blogs on this list, but don’t worry—just think of it as practise.

5. Karrierebibel (Career Bible)

Careerbibel is a site dedicated to information about the working world. From interview preparation to time management, this blog has everything you could possibly need for success in the working world, all in one convenient place. What’s the point of reading this in German? In addition to the reasons we’ve already discussed, learning German will improve your business German. Although it isn’t as informal as ScienceBlogs, it’s still an excellent resource for learning German.

There are a lot of things that you can learn through a blog, from baking German sweet treats to understanding the work culture. These also help you understand and improve your German language along the way.

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