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5 Pro Tips to improve your IELTS score

How to prepare for IELTS exam

Are you also struggling to prepare for IELTS exams, then you are at the right place? Here are

5 Pro Tips to help you prepare for IELTS exam


IELTS is an abbreviation for International English Language Testing System. It is a testing program that evaluates your English language skills based on four critical elements of a language: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. In most cases, preparation entails a substantial time of sitting and reading. You could, however, do more than just study long and complex IELTS study guides and review books.

If you are preparing for IELTS and find yourself googling questions like “How to prepare for IELTS?” or “How to clear IELTS”, this blog will help you in finding the best approach to prepare for IELTS and pro tips to clear IELTS in one go.

1. Use English wherever possible

Making English a part of your daily life helps a lot when you are wondering how to prepare for IELTS. Try watching English movies, listening to English songs (just don’t go overboard with it), and reading English books. If it appears difficult to understand, you could also use subtitles at first. Try watching the English text without subtitles later.

If possible, try to communicate in English with your family and friends as much as possible. In addition, to help you better integrate English into your everyday life, you may play games such as crossword puzzles, scrambled words, and so on in your spare time. This will help you expand your IELTS vocabulary. Reading English books can also help you understand various sentence and grammar structures.

2. Avoid wasting time with dubious materials for IELTS

The majority of aspirants make mistakes by following blindly techniques, materials, random tips, videos, and tips shared online, often for free. Just one Google search on “How to prepare for IELTS exam for free “will give you 72,30,000 results in .64 seconds but that does not mean you believe each one of them. What is free, however, may not always be of high quality. Before depending on any knowledge, try to determine its veracity.

5 Pro Tips to improve your IELTS score
Do not waste time in unreliable sources when preparing for IELTS exam

There are several helpful websites, such as Language Fluent, that provide helpful tips, guidance and materials to help you prepare.

3. Research vocabulary

English students are taught to use words as much as possible in their proper context. This is something you can acquire to do if you read a lot. The more words you hear, the better your vocab will become. As you read, pay special attention to words you do not understand and underline or highlight them with a marker. You should try to decipher their meanings based on the context. Then, look up the words in the dictionary. Read and listen to difficult materials, such as English language news, to become acquainted with a plethora of new words. Practice using the new word once you’ve learned it.

  • Enhance your learning more by reading newspapers, magazines, and visiting news websites.
  • Record phrases that can be used in a range of academic contexts on a checklist
  • Rather than single words, record phrases
  • Check proper word arrangement with a good monolingual dictionary
  • Avoid spending too much time learning highly specialised words
  • Make a list of helpful expressions linked to these topics.
  • Practice talking about them and composing about them in English.

4. Take the Writing Test of IELTS seriously

When it comes to the Writing Test, the IELTS Test is known for its stringent standards. Aspirants must have proper grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures, and other skills. The first thing to do when you are wondering how to prepare for IELTS exam is to focus on your writing skills. While the Reading, Speaking, and Listening tests may be easier to pass, poor writing performance can decrease the average band score below desirable levels.

Download the IELTS Writing App to help you with your writing preparation. Make use of sample questions and model answers to practise.

5. Seek Professional Assistance for preparing for IELTS exam

If, after all of your self-study efforts, you determine that obtaining the intended band score is difficult, it is preferable to seek professional assistance. There are several benefits to doing so. By increasing your chances of scoring well on the first try, you will save time and resources.

At the start of the preparation, a qualified tutor will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses as they have a better understanding and experience of how to prepare for IELTS exam. So you don’t have to waste time second-guessing yourself.

If IELTS classroom coaching is not an option for you due to a lack of time and resources, you could consider Online Coaching.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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