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Watch Korean Dramas To Learn Korean Better

Have you ever faced the predicament of dividing your valuable time between your studies and watching that cutting-edge season of your favourite tv show? I understand this is something I encounter nearly every month.

What if, I were to inform you that there may be a way bingeing tv-series and programs may be no longer best entertaining however additionally help you research an all-new foreign language?

But will watching Korean dramas really help learn the language?

Yep, that is correct. these days we are going to talk about the first-class Kdramas to binge watch on right now. “but, shouldn’t this text be associated with Language learning?” Yeah, you’re right. this is the maximum thrilling truth about today’s article. it will not only let you know some top Korean dramas to feature on your watchlist but may even let you know how they can be used to study Korean!

watching your television monitors for excessive amounts of time is something this is usually frowned upon. however, have you ever come upon a friend who knew a number of phrases related to a selected language without ever taking a single lesson? The state of affairs is extra common than you think. specialists say that in case you watch something with utmost attention to detail it can help you hone your language skills.

Korean dramas to watch to learn Korean:

So let’s get down to the brass tacks and talk about 5 awesome Korean dramas, which you can watch to enhance your Korean speaking skills. The best part about this is, I don’t have to bore you with fancy words, I already had you at bingeing!

Not only this, you can watch any genre that you like be it comedy, crime, romance or thriller. This directly makes you more interested and learning the language doesn’t feel like a huge task to accomplish. The best thing is that this method works just as well for advanced students as it does for beginners.

1. Misaeng

What higher way to begin listing than with one of the finest Korean dramas ever? Misaeng is a display that revolves around an employee who tries to get out of the grasping corporate international he’s sucked in, so for all you people who have loved workplace dramas like Madmen, Suites, the workplace, etc., that is your jam. Rated with an immensely precise 8.6 score on IMDb, this is the show you need to check out.

Korean dramas

This series is a boon for those who are gaining knowledge of Korean to learn/study in Korea as this gives a fair quantity of suitable vocabulary related to the corporate international. Turning subtitles on for the first 5 episodes is my first recommendation. All rookies who’re on an intermediate stage can check this display out. the primary season of the show is to be on Netflix.

2. Oh, my Ghost!

Candy romance, a gripping crime drama and a supernatural comedy, what greater may one need from a Korean drama? For all you food enthusiasts and chefs accessible. That is something so as to binge on as this has a variety of scenes consisting of the career of a chef. It additionally introduces you to how Korean kitchens and accommodations work and what is the surrounding dialect there.

Korean dramas

Whilst the show borders on cliches like teenage pop tones throughout the scenes and a bucket load of tv tropes, it’s far really fun as a whole! When you have a simple know-how of the Korean language, you can effortlessly study and improve your Korean language skills.

3. Descendants of the Sun

This has got to be one of the most popular Kdramas of all time and it clearly deserves that. The unique story has gained several awards and is severely acclaimed throughout Asia. A whole lot of remakes have also been made of identical Korean drama. It’s a show that spends time displaying the lifestyles of the Korean navy that’s every other plus point in case you’re into international relations.

Korean dramas

It’s certainly one of its kind Korean drama that has impeccable writing and top-notch chemistry among the forged. but, this display is for intermediate to superior degree learners. Any newcomers need to chorus from looking at this show. in case you do, subtitles are a need too!!

4. Coffee Prince

It’s miles pretty obvious that this collection makes you curious right from its one-of-type name itself. It tackles vital problems like dependency on capsules, homophobia, adultery and many others.  The display is a mix of fable and regular existence. Which is clear from its premise as nicely. The idea being a spoiled wealthy boy forced to take over the coffee commercial enterprise offered by his grandmom.

If you’ve loved shows like ‘Six toes beneath’ or ‘Days Of our Lives, you will feel proper at home with this one. We endorse this display to human beings of each the intermediate and the novices stage, but turning subtitles could be encouraged. All in all, that is one of the Korean dramas that deserve a spot in your drama-loving coronary heart!

5. Drinking solo

While this might no longer be one of the only suggestions to study the Korean language, it’s definitely one of the satisfactory alternatives for everybody who wants to live in Korea one day. Why you would possibly ask? Nicely, this is because this display portrays the normal lives of young adults making ready for civil services exams in Korea.

Additionally called the “Freaks and Geeks” of Korea, this display is a must-watch due to the fact no longer handiest does one get to examine all of the vocabulary related to Civil offerings ( in case your hobby and career scope lies therein!) However, it additionally gives the viewer massive publicity to the diverse slangs and nearby Korean dialects, making them extra familiar with lifestyles in Korea.

Something to keep in mind while watching Korean dramas

I’m pretty sure that you are super excited to watch these tv shows and Kdramas to learn Korean in an innovative way. An important takeaway from the entire article is to be sure to make notes. Write down all the new words and phrases you come across. Observe their pronunciation sentence formation etc. Don’t waste your time. Invest it in good Korean shows and hone your skills.

Check out this article here to find out how you can master Korean from scratch!

Want to hone your skills in Korean? We at Language Fluent have intensive courses starting from the very basic level all the way to the advanced level. Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand and guide you through the way to make your Korean skills as sharp as a blade. Head on over to our head offices in Nagpur or visit our website here.

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Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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