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Spanish singers you must follow to learn Spanish

Well, language has been used as a mode of Communication. Some countries have their own language. Even though there may be barriers in communication while traveling to different countries,  the objective remains the same.

How would communicate by expressing a poem or a song? You may be amazed that most people in India are diverse and educated to understand English Songs. Only a small population hears Latin songs, simply because it has a different flavor.

Some people have preferences, so they hear it. What would a Polyglot do listening to Spanish songs?

If you are currently pursuing the Spanish language, it’s time you choose your ideal Spanish Singer whom you would not only listen to because of its music but the lyrics.

Spanish Singers have been precise with the usage of music which has a traditional Spanish touch augmented by meaningful lyrics. It is from this that you could derive meaning and understand what they are trying to communicate.

It’s very seldom, some people would invest their time in understanding the lyrics, whereas most of them would just go with memorizing it regardless of its meaning.

Remember if you understand the lyrics, then they would be memorized effortlessly. In addition to that, the lyrics will stay in your memory forever because you put your heart and mind into it.

Here are the famous Spanish Singers you should follow to get a better hold of the Spanish Language:

1. Shakira

Spanish singers

Does this name sound familiar? Do any song ring in your mind when you hear this name?

Well, of course, she is the talk of the century and it is impossible to remove her from Spanish Music, as she adds an authentic flavor to her English songs too.

She was born in Columbia but was internationally recognized with her music in English, which has been performed in Spanish.

She is popular for her albums El Dorado and She-wolf since her appearance in music in 1990. Many still argue that she was not recognized till the release of “Hips Don’t Lie”  along with Wyclef Jean in 2006.

People who are saying this are monolingual as they have not heard much of Spanish Music. She is highly acclaimed in South America and Spain, but the world started recognizing her once she sang English Songs. Shakira’s music is a blend of Latin pop and Arabic tradition that makes music soothing to listen to and even pick up Spanish.

Shakira’s “Antologia”  is the most soothing slow song of all to hear, as the words are pronounced clearly and the tempo of the song is slow enough to pick up the words.

This is where you can start getting familiarised with Shakira and how a pop singer not only sings fast Hip hop songs but can teach you Spanish in disguise with a soft mellow tone.

2. Paulo Londra

Paulo Londro

As a Polyglot, many are interested in listening to words that sound clear. Rap tends to jump over with words in a fraction of a second. That is rap for you the majority of the time.

If rapping is your thing, you could follow this Argentinian rapper, Paulo Londra. Though not typically a rapper, his songs emphasize good and positive energy, rather than on Drugs and violence. It was the best thing to do. At a tender of 21, he was nominated for over 20 awards in the music industry. He has already won 4 and shall receive many awards from time to time.

Tal Vez is one of the best videos I have come across that will give you a good feel about Spanish Music along with the words. Adan Y Eva is one of the popular songs that won him the title for “Hit of the Year”  at MTV Millenial Awards. “Homerun”  was his debut album that was released in 2019 along with  19 singles.

3. Rosalía


She gained popularity in Spain, with her energy in music since her discovery from a Spanish producer named Raul Referee. Raül discovered her talent in 2016 at the time of performing at Barcelona’s Flamenco Event. “Los Angeles” was her debut album where the Flamenco Classics were discovered. She then won the Album of the year in 2018.

She released her second album in the same year with the name, El Mal Querer. This album gained her international recognition, where stars like Dua Lipa began to promote her work.

I personally like her La Llorona where it is soft and it’s easy pickings for a Spanish Polyglot.

She is one of the most renowned Spanish Singers for any producer to work with because she brings out that rare magic.

4. PJ Sin Suela

Spanish singers

An emerging rapper hailing from Puerto Rico, whose songs revolve around the country’s social issues, PJ Sin Suela is a bilingual singer. He was brought up in the Bronx and had his life turned around when he participated in Rap battles.

He graduated as a Doctor and performed at the opening for the US. Tour of Residente.

Suela also released a mixtape and a good number of Singles from” Oda A Las Tetas”, a party track. I strangely like his “Cual Es Tu plan”, which is so fun to watch and hear.

It gives a good vibe and rhythm. But try to get hold of the lyrics rather than getting carried away by music. Although you can hear it again and again for lyrics. It’s best to start entertaining yourself.

5. Alejandro Sanz

Spanish singers

Madrid-born Alejandro is someone where he conceived music while he was a teenager and decided to commit.

Born in the year 1968, he began to play guitar at the age of 7, which gave him an inclination towards music and started composing songs.

His first record was released at the age of 16 but did not impact the music market. This led him to compose songs for others and finally at the age of 23, he released his first album ‘ Viviendo Deprisa” in 1991.

1 million copies of that album were sold, indicating that a massive audience is knocking at his door.

Currently, 23 Million copies of 16 albums are sold and he has the most Grammys, among the Spanish singers. He deserves his place on the list because apart from being a Spanish singer, he is also a composer and a writer.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

Need more details?

Our expert academic counsellors will be happy to explain everything that you want to know.

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