Top 5 Korean movies to learn Korean

Learn Korean by watching Korean Movies

Want to completely enhance your Korean to the next stage? well shut that textbook and take a seat again, due to the fact you’re in for a definitely high-quality treat. yes, you guessed it proper. Korean films it’s far…

One of the satisfactory methods to learn Korean is through movies. And the cool component about Korean movies is that now not only are they great language learning tools themselves, but they’ll pull you in with their cinematic brilliance.

The benefit of movies is they provide the critical context for language. As you can recognize, language is context hungry. Without it, language is scarcely meaningless.

As a Korean language learner, you’ve got a lot happening. There’s a script, a plot, a painful hardship that animates the vocabulary, phrases and sentences. Characters communicate. They get into arguments. They fall in love and feed extraordinary promises to each other. Heroes get right into a tight spot and throw a string of colourful expletives as goons from a chasing vehicle shoots at them willy-nilly in a single movement-packed sequence.

Korean movies

The Parasite was the first Korean movie to be awarded the oscar in 2019 just for your information its competitors were Jaqueline Pheonix’s ‘Joker’ and ‘Ford v/s Ferrari.’ If you would have asked me which movie would have been my guess I would have definitely sided with ‘The Joker’. However, this movie changed the perception of the film industry. An absolute masterpiece and a work of art. 100% recommend to everyone who is reading this.

Some background about Korean movies

Korean movies are in large part motivated by using the political forces at the time, and enjoying Korean films can provide you with a glimpse of the young country’s wealthy history. Despite the fact that most people of early Korean movie was lost or destroyed, the industry reemerged after the Korean battle. However, because of strict censorship by means of an authoritative government, Korean movies did not start to flourish till the late Nineties.

Korean films without a doubt are flourishing throughout all genres. South Korea even hosts the Busan international film competition every year, one of the maximum vital cinematic occasions in Asia. In case you love foreign movies and want to enhance your language talents, there is no better time to stage up your Korean through watching Korean films.

1. Burning (버닝)

Korean movies
Movie Posters — 버닝

‘Burning’ received an international prize at the 2018 Cannes film festival. based on a brief story by means of Haruki Murakami, this mental thriller virtually forces the viewer to piece together scenes and spot how they’re all linked.

The movie follows the tale of a component-time employee who bumps into an old high school friend. while she returns from a trip from Africa, a mysterious event ensues.

‘Burning’ takes helps you do deep thinking, and you may actually need to watch it more than once. appropriate information! Repetition is a terrific way to exercise your Korean. ‘Burning’ has one greater bonus: it stars the ‘walking dead’s’ Steven Yeun.

2. The Chaser (추격자)

Korean movies

‘The Chaser’ is a great option for Korean language beginners. The action film is very straightforward, and the dialogues you’ll hear in this are very common in the Korean Tongue.

Based on a real serial killer in history, the tale follows an ex-policeman who runs a prostitution ring in Seoul. whilst his women start to pass missing, he must hurry to try and find them. This movie will have you ever on the threshold of your seat the complete time. It consists of the essential Korean movie character: A disgruntled, smoking, bully; you’ll absolutely study a lot of Korean expletives with this one.

Furthermore, the movie captures the authentic feeling of Seoul’s bustling nightlife, together with the neon signs and busy streets.

3. Memories of Murder (살인의 추억)

Korean movies, Memories of Murder
Korean movies

Based on a true story, ‘memories of homicide’ tells the tale of considered one of South Korea’s earliest serial killers. From the year 1986 to 1991 a span of 5 long years. A small village was witness to the murder of 10 women. This grotesque series of crimes was the primary of its kind in South Korea and resulted in a media and police frenzy.

The film follows two detectives as they are trying to remedy the murders and locate the killer in the small Korean farming city. notwithstanding the once in a while cruel and hateful actions of the main characters, you can’t assist but sense moved by means of this film.

Co-written with the aid of Bong Joon Jo in 2003, recollections of homicide surely showcases Bong’s expertise and attention to element early on. The film captures the appropriate Korean countryside, in addition to a number of the grisly components of the entire country. This is another crime mystery on the way to without a doubt teach Korean language learners some expletives!

4. Oldboy (올드보이)

Korean movies

The center piece in a trilogy of Korean vengeance thrillers, ‘Oldboy’ has rightfully earned its cult repute with a committed fan base notwithstanding the blood and gore.

The thriller at the back of Oh Dae-su’s predicament is severely charming, and the plot twists on this film will have you on the brink of your seat. This movie also stars one in all Korea’s pleasant street foods: Korean dumplings or mandu. you’ll quickly see why!

5. Aeguki: The Brotherhood of War (태극기 휘날리며)

The Brotherhood of War

This wartime movement film is certainly another tearjerker. Taeguki way South Korean flag; The Korean characteristic of this film literally translates into “Waving the South Korean flag.” on the time of its launch in 2004, ‘Taeguki: The Brotherhood of struggle’ changed into Korea’s highest price range film. It is regularly in comparison to such famous war films as Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor.

This was the primary Korean movie that I ever watched, and I might quite suggest it to all and sundry interested by mastering or beginning to learn Korean. The film shows the devastating results of war on the circle of relatives and the country. It will provide you with a perception of Korean records and the actual existence tragedy that Korean households have experienced.

Conclusion About Korean Cinema

These 5 movies just begin to scratch the surface of Korean drama. Going to the cinema hall is always so exciting. The atmosphere, the impact of the cinema hall, the overall experience is just breathtaking.

For Korean newcomers, one has to start with fun yet beneficial methods to hone their newly learnt skills. Starting with the right content is very crucial. The movies I have listed above will help you to understand not only how the language is used in everyday life but will also give you an insight into the Korean world, their way of life etc.

These movies will definitely not fail to entertain you and bring out the most emotions to of you. Gripping as they are they will also help you learn the Korean alphabet.

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